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On-Time Projects

We have our own in-house 3D modeling and detailing team ready to get the drawings in the shop for fabrication so we can get the steel out the door!

If there are changes in the design along the way, we have the ability to facilitate 3D modeling so that all involved can visualize the issue and resolve it accurately and efficiently.

We keep things moving in a forward direction so that your project is completed on time.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

KRECO is continually on the cutting edge of steel detailing software and fabrication equipment.

We have recently completed the installation of a new Voortman Plasma Table with 3D cutting, drill and tapping capabilities. We also have a Voortman Saw, Drill line and Cross Transfer tables that are all automated and controlled by exports from our 3D modeling software!

We are very excited about our new equipment! Our team is always ready for the next challenge…

Let us help you bring your vision to life

Our reputation has been built from the ground up as our hard work and commitment to meeting our customer’s schedules is the basis of who we are.

A good portion of our new work is always with "old" customers. We take pride in our ability to maintain great relationships and earn the respect of our customers so that they will return time and time again.

We have completed a wide variety of work for our various customers including: general contractors, municipalities and other steel fabricators. Take a look at some of our projects that we are proud to have been a part of.

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A full-service steel fabrication company

Here at KRECO we specialize in "All Things Steel," so we are not afraid of any project, no matter what the size, shape or schedule.

KRECO Steel Fabrication is a full-service steel fabrication company that started in 2005 to meet the growing needs of our customers. Our capabilities include processing of all wide flange materials, tubes, pipe, plates, plate girders, carbon and stainless duct work and spouts, decking and angle iron.

Fabricated items include, but are not limited to, columns, beams, handrail, guardrail, stairs, ladders, floor plate, grating, plate girders, trusses, etc. We are able to process all types of carbon steel as well as stainless and aluminum products.

Past projects include structural and miscellaneous steel for industrial expansions, platforms, schools, churches, design build of industrial assemblies, waste water treatment plants and many more.

Our parent company, Kelly Ryan Equipment Company, has been fabricating and supplying agricultural equipment to farmers around the world since 1945 and has been the basis for our work ethic and great customer service.

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We specialize in "All Things Steel"


What they say about us

Testimonials from happy clients

Buddy Fausett

CF Industries

"They consistently provide excellent service. We appreciate the work and effort that KRECO puts forth and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a company that specializes in steel fabrication."

Andrew Frentress

Power Wash USA

"Rick in the service department has always done timely and satisfactory work for Power Wash USA in Blair, Nebraska. Thanks Rick."

Dave Belak

Woodhouse Ford

"I will on occasion need custom fabrication done and Kevin down there is unbelievable when it comes to that type of work. The ability to do what he does with metal is far beyond anything I have had done in the past. Great job."