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Our baggers allow farmers to harvest grains faster while gaining control over bad weather, reduce manpower & provide flexibility in marketing grains. We offer several baggers to choose from.

We proudly boast the only 7'-foot bagger on the market. Our baggers also come in 8'-, 9'- 10'- and 12'-foot sizes.

The Centerline Pro Bagger unloads truck fast with apron speeds of up to 20' feet per minute, while our Bagger Tender allows you to dump big loads of forage and go back for more.

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We sell safe and durable hay and grain feeders for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and other small animals.

Our Standard Model Feedwagon is a workhorse in countless feedlots and dairies across the US! It offers trouble-free chain and flight action, with all-steel welded construction.

The 69LP Re-Mix Feedwagon cycles forages and other fibrous materials that are too difficult for some auger type wagons in addition to mixing additives evenly throughout the load.

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Harvesting and spreading is easier and more efficient with our manure spreaders. We offer 4' to 7' spreaders shipped and ready for the field.

Our 4' and 5' manure spreaders have a high-speed beater drum with hardened-steel bolt-on replacement knives. Hydraulic slop gate and truck mount units are also available.

The 6' and 7' manure spreaders' all-welded construction assures you years of trouble-free service. Hydraulic endgate for semi-liquid manure available.

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Bedding livestock is hard work and time consuming when done manually. Not only is it inefficient, but it can be dangerous if your climbing in and out of a skid loader under a 1500 lb. round bale.

The Bale Storm was built and tested by a farmer in Iowa who was struggling to manually bed and feed his livestock. He wanted safety and savings on bedding costs. The efficiency of the Bale Storm makes it a necessity on any livestock operation.

The Bale Storm features dual rotors, a rear mount attachment and is made in the USA.

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By offering the most up-to-date equipment, we keep our customers in step with the ever-changing agriculture market.

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